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Berrien County

Clam shell with cut-outs from buttonsClamshells found along the riverbank in Niles were used to make buttons at the turn of the 20th century. Note the uniform disc shapes where the buttons were cut out of the shell blank.

Beach Buggy picnic cartA. B. White, founder of White Welders and Instrument Company of Buchanan, invented the Beach Buggy in 1947. Tired of hauling supplies, food and other beach accessories over Lake Michigan's sand dunes, he created the picnic cart so he could make one trip from his car. The cart has a grill on one end, a compartment for cooling foods on the opposite end and extra storage in the center.

Violin-Uke musical instrumentFrom 1927 through 1972, New Troy was home to the Marxochime Colony. The company was owned by Henry and Charles Marx, a father and son team that invented and manufactured the Violin-Uke. The instrument is a cross between a violin and a ukelele.

One-man folding sawFirst patented on October 31, 1882, the one-man folding saw was invented by Marvin O. Smith of New Buffalo. When set up, the saw could be operated by one person who could take down a tree and then saw it into chunks for splitting.

1905 St. Joseph harbor souvenir spoonA scene of St. Joseph harbor is embossed in the bowl of the souvenir spoon and enameled in full color. On the back of the spoon's bowl are the initials GW and the year '05. The spoon was given to the donor as a celebration of her birth in 1905. She gave it to the Michigan Historical Museum in 1996, when she was 91 years old.

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