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Lansing 1897, Michigan Historical Museum

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Windmill Manufacturers

Rork Bros. Windmill

Rork Windmill Head For many years this Rork windmill provided power to pump water for livestock on a Meridian Township farm. Beginning in the early 1890s, James S. Rork and his brother Michael made windmills and pumps in their North Lansing factory. James Rork also participated in local government by serving on the Board of Water Works and Electric Light Commissioners.

The Rork windmill head shown in the exhibit gallery was loaned to the Michigan Historical Museum for the Lansing 1897 exhibit by the Michigan Agricultural Heritage Program, Michigan State University Museum. Volunteers from the M.S.U. Museum restored and assembled it for this exhibit.

Maud S Windmill & Pump Company

Maud S Hand Pump Organized as an offshoot of the Lansing Iron and Engine Works, the Maud S Windmill & Pump Company was formed to market a double-acting force pump invented by Henry French of Dimondale. The company made wood and steel tanks and hand pumps as well as windmill pumps and towers.

Maud S Wind Mill and Pump Company The company took its name from a famous trotting horse owned by New York financier William H. Vanderbilt. The Maud S motto was, "If you want the best goods at fair prices, get the Maud S. If you want cheap goods, look elsewhere; we do not make them."



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