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Lansing 1897, Michigan Historical Museum

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Clothing the Family

Gents' Furnishings and Millinery Exhibit Sellers of men's clothing included gents' furnishings stores and merchant tailors. Dressmakers made custom frocks for women (many worked out of their homes). Sewers might purchase fabric and notions—or ready-to-wear clothing—at a dry goods store. General clothing stores and department stores sold clothing items for men, women, and/or children.

Gent's Furnishings

Gents' Furnishings H. Kositchek & Bros. Henry Kositchek came to the United States from his native Bohemia while still in his teens. He settled in the growing mill town of Eaton Rapids, where he opened a store selling dry goods and millinery. Three brothers—Max, Jacob and Adolph—followed Kositchek to Michigan and joined him in business.

Gents' Furnishings Display In 1889 Henry opened a men's clothing store, H. Kositchek & Bros., in Lansing. The business operates today at the same address as in 1897: 113 N. Washington Avenue. The exhibit includes Henry Kositcheck's memo book open to a page on which he recorded a customer's measurement. It can be seen in the lower right hand section of the photo.

Millinery and Dressmaking

Millinery Display Hats Bliss Stebbins, Milliner. The son and brother of Lansing Wheelbarrow Company officers, 30-year-old Bliss Stebbins built his career in a completely different field. As a milliner he sold ladies' hats; some custom-made and others ready-made but specially trimmed. Stebbins' social connections as a member of Lansing's elite probably proved useful in a business that catered to fashionable women.

Department and Dry Goods Stores

Department and Dry Goods Store Exhibit Jewett & Knapp. Located at 123 N. Washington, the dry goods firm of Jewett & Knapp was close to the center of Lansing's downtown. Within five blocks, however, eight other shops sold similar merchandise: lace curtains, gloves, nightgowns, graniteware washbasins, stew kettles, ladies' cloaks, umbrellas, towels and sheeting.

J. W. Knapp is better remembered today than his partner Frank Jewett. In 1903 Knapp formed the J. W. Knapp Company, which became Lansing's largest department store.

Simons Dry Goods Dress Dept. Simons Dry Goods Store The photographs from the Archives of Michigan show the Simon's Dry Goods Company women's dress department in 1890 and the store's exterior after the turn of the century.

Clothing merchants in 1897 Lansing included the following:

Clothing Stores

  • Chas. A. Creyts, 302 Franklin e.
  • Davis Clothing Co., 104 Washington Ave. n.
  • Excelsior Clothing Co., 302 Franklin e.
  • H. Kositchek & Bros., 113 Washington Ave. n.
  • Mapes Clothing Co., 207-209 Washington Ave. s.
  • Mifflin Elgin, Ladies and Gents Furnishings, 103 Washington Ave. n.

Gents' Furnishings

  • Louis Beck, Clothing and Gents' Furnishings, 112 Washington Ave. n.
  • Collver Shirt Factory, 103 Washtenaw e.
  • Davis Clothing Co., 104 Washington Ave. n.
  • Lederer, The Hatter (Isaac Lederer, propr), 109 Washington Ave. n.

Merchant Tailors

  • Frederick Boess, 110 Washington Ave. n.
  • John Herrmann, 218 Washington Ave. n.
  • Gottlieb Hoelzle, 404 Franklin e.
  • Sedina Tailoring Co (T. H. Sedina, propr.), 216 Washington Ave. s.
  • M. A. Peters, Hollister Bldg.
  • James M. Sheldon, Jr., 105 Washtenaw e.
  • Jacob Walz, 111 Washington Ave. s.
  • The Warren Co. (W. W. Warren, propr), 324 Washington Ave. n.
  • Woodbury & Savage, 234 Washington Ave. s.


  • Anna Flanigan, 413 Washington Ave. s.
  • Anna Keating, 114 Kalamazoo w.
  • Ida V. McCabe, ladies fancy work, 200 Washington Ave. n.
  • Mrs. V. O'Bryan, ladies furnishing and fancy goods, 224 Washington Ave. s.
  • Belle Towne, 108 Allegan w.
  • Effie L. Walker, 219 Washington Ave. n.
  • Anna K. Warner, s s North


  • Mrs. Alice A. Abrams, 222 Washington Ave. s.
  • Mrs. M. D. Avery, 225 Washington Ave. s.
  • Lulu M. Bennett, 312 Franklin e.
  • Hattie E. Dillingham, 208 Washington Ave. s.
  • Mrs. Geo. W. Frary, Millinery and Fancy Goods, 112 Washington Ave. s.
  • Ella A. Hosner, 226 Washington Ave. n.
  • Mrs. L. S. Hudson, 231 (233?) Washington Ave. s.
  • New York Millinery, ?
  • Mrs. Laura J. Ray, 404 Franklin e.
  • Janette R. Sherman, 102 Franklin e.
  • Bliss Stebbins, 227 Washington Ave. n.
  • Mina A. Sternberg, 310 Washington Ave. s.
  • Mary Washburn, 318 Washington Ave. n.

Dry Goods and Department Stores

  • Burnham & Co., Importers, Jobbers and Retail Dealers in Dry Goods and Carpets, 108-110 Washington Ave. s.
  • Cameron and Arbaugh General Store (Basil C. Cameron, Frank M. Arbaugh, proprs), 407 Washington Ave. s.
  • Geo. H. Dell, Dry Goods, 221 Washington Ave. n.
  • Adelbert M. Donsereaux, Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes, 312-320 Washington Ave. s.
  • Etta Glicman, Dry Goods, 119 Washington Ave. n.
  • J. L. Hudson of Detroit, Hollister Blk.
  • Jewett & Knapp (Frank W Jewett, Joseph W Knapp, proprs.), Dry Goods, 123 Washington Ave. n. (corner Ottawa St. and Washington Ave.)
  • Lemon Bros. (W. Earl, R. Frank), Dry Goods, 314 Franklin e.
  • Rosa Newman, Dry Goods, 109 Washington Ave. s.
  • Alfred Ronk, Dry Goods, 114 Washington Ave. s.
  • T. Rork & Co. (Thomas Rork, L. Price), Dry Goods, 713 Turner
  • Simons Dry Goods Co. (Benj. F. Simons, propr.), 104 Washington Ave. s.
  • Wilbert P. Yakeley, Dry Goods, 226 Washington Ave. s.

Boots and Shoes

  • Carl J. Blanchard, Boots and Shoes, 220 Washington Ave. s.
  • Clarence Boult, Shoe Shop, 40 Michigan Ave. e.
  • Geo. W. Christopher, Shoe Store, 406 Franklin e.
  • Goodspeed Bros, 100 Washington Ave. n.
  • John Johnson, Shoemaker, Hollister Bldg.
  • Henry B. Kebler, Boots and Shoes, 123 Franklin e.
  • Mathew Matchett, Shoemaker, 116-1/2 Michigan Ave. e.
  • Spencer Norris, Grocery, Boots and Shoes, 455 Franklin e.
  • Wm. F. Reitz, Shoe Shop, 119 Michigan Ave. w.
  • Fred Shubel, Boots and Shoes (Fred W, Fred E, chas. G. Shubel, proprs.), 210 Washington Ave., n.
  • Chas. Vogel, Shoemaker, 327 Washington Ave. s.
  • Geo. W. Watrous, Shoe Store, 121 Washington Ave. s.
  • Chester D. Woodbury, Boots and Shoes, 103 Washington Ave. s.
  • Henry A. Woodworth, Boots and Shoes, 115 Washington Ave. n.
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