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The Goodridge Brothers

Glenalvin, Wallace and William Goodridge were among America's premier African American photographers.

1879 New Year's Card Photo of William O. and Wallace L. Goodridge, Bosch-Devers Collection.
William (left) and Wallace Goodridge

In 1847, in York, Pennsylvania, Glenalvin became the first in the family to enter the profession. Eventually the brothers built a business that moved to East Saginaw, Michigan, in 1863 and lasted until Wallace's death in 1922.

The brothers worked closely and successfully with the white communities that surrounded them, but they drew their strength from their family and their African American peers.

Their legacy is an extraordinary collection of images of timber drives and city scenes, individuals and groups, picnics, parties and natural disasters.

This is an online version of the exhibit that was at the Michigan Historical Museum in 2000-2001.

Enter the exhibit.

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