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The Depression News

Michigan Historical Museum

Labor unions rise!

Flint sit-down strike opens labor-management conflict
Broken Windows at Auto Plant

Relief in sight!

  • Roosevelt creates new programs

  • CCC gives work to youth

  • Monastery opens soup kitchen

Soup kettle in Great Depression Gallery

What's hot today? Bungalows
Affordable and Popular!

Lving room in bungalow
What's on the radio in the bungalow?

  • The Lone Ranger

  • Joe Louis vs. Max Schmeling

  • An F.D.R. Fireside Chat

  • Father Charles Coughlin

  • Louis Armstrong's W.P.A.

  • Ruth Etting sings A Cottage for Sale

  • Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy

Lighthouses automated
By 1925, electricity—furnished by portable generators—provided light for about one-quarter of all Great Lakes lighthouses. By 1940 nearly all had electricity.

What's new in the arts? Michigan's Natural Resources Mural
"Michigan's Natural Resources"
by Paul Honoré
at the 1933-34 Chicago World's Fair

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