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The entrance to Growing Up in Michigan is up a richly carpeted Victorian stairway (eleveator also available).Growing Up in Michigan, 1880-1895, examines life in Michigan through the eyes of five young people who grew and came of age in the state during the last half of the 19th century. The exhibit is on the Michigan Historical Museum's second-floor mezzanine level. Enter via the Victorian-style stairway or an elevator in the Rural Michigan Gallery.

Direct quotes from diaries and reminiscences are set against a backdrop these exhibits: a one-room school, four period room settings (parlor, dining room, bedroom and kitchen) and an outdoor/shed setting. The artifacts in the rooms and outdoor settings relate to quotations from the children's diaries and reminiscences.

The schoolroom in Growing Up in MichiganThe historical period of this exhibit corresponds with the Victorian era (reign of Queen Victoria in England, 1839-1901), the industrial revolution and the Growth of Manufacturing era in Michigan. During these eras the development of machine tools allowed mass production of furniture and decorative arts, clothing and carriages, and engines that would power the motor car.

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