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Go back in time . . .

The graphics and cases in this exhibit show Michigan's archaeological history to 1620.Go back in time to before you were born, before there were World Wars or an American Civil War and before Michigan became a state. What is the story of Michigan's birth as a land and a people?

Most of Michigan's story is unwritten. It is almost entirely an American Indian story. Its 14,000 years are known through Native American tradition and clues discovered by archaeologists.

The first galleries of the Michigan Historical Museum tell its story. These pages show the exhibits and displays you would see if you stand in the middle of these galleries. The galleries are provided here as an online minitour of "The First People." It is a story of complex cultures closely linked to the environment and backed by centuries of intellectual and social development.

Visit the museum in person to explore Michigan's early history. Stand below the three-story topographic map of Michigan, see a birchbark canoe close-up, feel furs as a docent tells you about the days of the voyageurs and hear the sounds of an Indian drum dance. While you follow the achievements of the peoples of the Eastern Woodland, learn the elements that are uniquely Michigan.

Click a topic in the left column to wander around—or follow the story in time by clicking the link at the bottom of each page. You will travel from the creation of the land to the time of Michigan's statehood.


The Face of Michigan

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